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Chair: M. Jane Yates, PhD

Past Chair: Lucie Klein-Coulton, LCSW

Secretary:  Robert “Rob” Wellon

Treasurer:  Juliet “Julie” Buchwalter, PhD


Michael Bain, MD

Lucie Klein-Coulton, LCSW

Eleanor Lee, LCSW

Board members volunteer their time, often for many years, and contribute financially to the work of the Atlanta Foundation for Psychoanalysis. The Foundation thrives, thanks to the devotion of the Board, and it stands out as one of the strongest psychoanalytic foundations in the country!

The Foundation represents psychoanalysis to the public. As such, it supports educational and community building endeavors. It is an enthusiastic supporter and financial contributor to this website and to the Movie Mania series.  At its core, the Foundation upholds the best of psychoanalytic traditions, using the power of analytic insight to serve the community. Board members work behind the scenes with those who help vulnerable citizens. During one period of time, the Foundation supported local police to help them work more effectively with crime victims. Currently the Foundation’s Anna Project sends psychoanalytically informed clinicians with expertise in child development to the Frazier Center to consult monthly with pre-school teachers.

If you would like to learn more about the Foundation, please call

M. Jane Yates, PhD