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Members of the Atlanta Psychoanalytic Society

Active Members:

  • Gail F. Anderson, MD
  • Michael W. Bain, MD
  • Samuel B. Brown, MD
  • Susan E. Chance, PhD
  • Erica Duncan, MD
  • Robert T. Elliott, MD
  • Cheryl L. Eschbach, MD, PhD
  • George K. Ganaway, MD
  • Patrick J. Haggard, MD
  • Wendy Jacobson, MD
  • Mark E. James, MD
  • Kendle Jenkins, LPC (President)
  • Salley S. Jessee, MD
  • Yudit Jung, PhD, LCSW
  • Judy B. Kisla, D.O.
  • Carol B. Levy, CNS, MPH
  • Derek J. O’Brien, MD
  • Lisa S. Rosof, MD, JD
  • Bruce E. Rudisch, MD
  • Stefanie Speanburg, PhD, LCSW (President-Elect)
  • Beverly J. Stoute, MD
  • Laura Westen, PhD
  • M. Jane Yates, PhD


Scientific Affiliates:

  • Martha Grace Duncan, PhD, JD
  • Kareen Malone, PhD, LPC


Corresponding Members:

  • Gregory Gray, PhD
  • Susan B. Shelton, MD


Life Members:

  • Sybil Ginsburg, MD
  • R. Peery Grant, MD
  • S. David Kahn, MD
  • Ralph Klopper, MD
  • Edward Leader, MD
  • Steven T. Levy, MD
  • Robert A. Paul, PhD
  • Ralph E. Roughton, MD
  • Paul F. Trudeau, PhD
  • Richard Ward, MD


Charter Members:

  • Burness Moore, MD


Psychotherapy Affiliates:

  • Carla Bauer, LCSW
  • Nancy Chase, PhD, LCSW
  • Nora Dougherty, DSW
  • Karen Foster, PhD
  • Jacqueline Irwin, LCSW
  • Lucie Klein-Coulton, LCSW
  • Sheril Kalarithara, MD
  • Eleanor W. Lee, LCSW
  • Jill Silbiger, MD
  • James Siwy, PhD
  • Susan Spencer, LCSW


Candidate Members:

  • Hasani Baharanyi, MD
  • Lakeyta Bonnette, PhD
  • Simran Brar, MD
  • Edurne Chopeitia, LAPC
  • Sarah Cook, MD
  • Courteny Crooks, PhD
  • Virginia Dawson, MD
  • Liza Gellerstedt, LCSW
  • Aaron Goodfellow, PhD
  • Heidy Guzman, LPC
  • Sharon Harp, LCSW
  • Renee Hillsman-Nimako, MSW
  • Todd Hoffenberg, MD
  • Howard Hudson, MD
  • Sarah Juul, MD
  • Jungjin Kim, MD
  • Stephanie Koziej
  • Rachel Maree, MD
  • Brita Reed, MD, PsyD
  • Collin Reiff, MD
  • Elon Richman, MD
  • Gaby Ritfeld, MD
  • Melinda Robb
  • Alexandra H. Sawicki, MD
  • Nadia Sawicki, MD
  • Nisha N. Shah, MD
  • Fran Shahar, PhD, ABPP
  • Griffin Smith, LMSW
  • Jamie Steele, LMFT
  • Jack Van Bezooyen, MD
  • Samia Vasa, MA
  • Joseph Vinson, MD
  • Joseph Wilson, MD
  • Diana Woodall, MD


Community Members:

  • Simone Alexander, LPC
  • Smurti Desai, LPC
  • Mariam Fatehi, PhD
  • Gregory Trotter, PhD


Become a member

We welcome new members! We are a diverse group, comprised of clinicians, students, professors, attorneys, businesspeople, and community leaders, but we share a passion for psychoanalysis and the insights it can bring to our work, our personal lives, and our community more generally. If you, too, share these interests, please consider joining us! For more information about membership, contact our president, Kendle Jenkins, at 678.956.5029.