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Welcome to the Members’ Section of the Atlanta Psychoanalysis website!

Please familiarize yourself with the information on this page before you proceed to the heart of this section, Basecamp, which facilitates the on-line professional activities of the Society, the Institute, and the Foundation.

We hope that you will find the mechanics of navigating and using the Basecamp program to be relatively straightforward, especially with the assistance of the Instructions for Using Basecamp. What is less straightforward is how, and how much, to use Basecamp to engage in discussions about urgent or potentially controversial matters.

Here are a few guidelines that we would like to offer:

  • Consider that online communications cannot fully capture tone, affect, or the meaning of the participation of some group members and the silence of others.
  • If an issue is urgent, pick up the phone; and if you think it may be controversial, it should be discussed directly in an inclusive, face-to-face setting, and not vetted online.
  • Case material is meant to be presented–and to remain–in the classroom rather than posted on Basecamp. Nevertheless, papers, articles, and Society presentations with limited, well-disguised case material can be posted.
  • If you are a candidate at the Institute, please follow the guidelines for online discussion of course material that will be established by faculty for each class individually.
  • Do not delete any files that you have not uploaded!
  • Do not start new projects! If you have an idea for a new project (e.g., a new committee or a new class), have it authorized through existing institutional channels, and we will then arrange for the new project to be placed on Basecamp.
  • Do not invite others who are not on the committee or taking the class to join the project! If someone is missing from a project, let one of us know, and we will correct the membership list.

Thank you for your respectful engagement in Basecamp discussions and for your constructive contributions to our community life!

Cheryl Eschbach and Sharon Harp